Tron (TRX) Drop 50% After Justin Sun Nixes Alibaba Partnership

TRX drops 50%
Quick post regarding the investor presentation by Tron (TRX) CEO Justin Sun on 1/6/2018.

After years of listening to stock market conference calls and watching investor relationship presentations, this was my first such "cryptocurrency" one.  This wasn't nearly as polished as a conference call in terms of presentation but then again it represents what crypto is all about to some extent.

Quick observations

Investor Highlights
- Justin looked tired, you could see it on his face. The good news is anyone investing in TRX would want someone to look tired at this point. The space is moving so fast and who can afford to sleep. I gave him a pass.

- Justin was a bit discombobulated at times, but I am not sure how much that has to do with (1) how tired he was and (2) the fact that English is definitely not his first language. I give him another pass.

- There were no major revelations that were discussed which was a investor disappointment.

- Justin did announce they will be working with some publicly traded Nasdaq companies. Although he didn't disclose which ones, it does rule out Alibaba because that trades on the NYSE. It is unknown what companies they have partnered with but investors left the call feeling disappointed and TRX immediately sold off on the news.

If you are wondering how you can buy/sell TRX checkout Binance. It is one of the largest exchanges in the world and only takes a minute to setup. I also wrote a tutorial on how to transfer GDAX / Coinbase assets to Binance in as little as minutes. That piece is here