How to Buy Alt Coins from GDAX Coinbase Account - Ripple TRX NEO

If you are a GDAX / Coinbase user and you want to buy ALT coins then this tutorial will teach you a simple, fast (less than 20 mins), and free way to do it. This tutorial will teach you how to transfer your LTC, BTC, BCH, or ETH out of Coinbase and to Binance where you can use it to buy other ALT coins like Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM), and Tron (TRX). This tutorial uses LiteCoin but you can use any GDAX supported coin.

ALT Coin Tutorial: 

Step #1 - Set up a Binance account. You need an account on Binance which is where you will buy the ALT coins. It takes less than 5 minutes from a USA location and there is no need to verify documents because you aren't going to be using a bank account or credit card to fund the purchase - you are simply going to transfer your LiteCoin there and then buy ALT coins.

Step #2 - Click "Withdraw" button on Coinbase - Make sure you have selected the currency you want to trade out of. Again, I am using LiteCoin as my example so I have the LiteCoin trading screen up.

Click "Withdraw" Button

Step #3 - Click "LTC Address" - This will take you the info screen to withdraw your LTC. You will need your LTC wallet address on Binance.
Click "LTC Address"

Step #4 - Get LTC Wallet Address on Binance - On the Binance website click on the "Funds" => "Deposit Withdrawals"

Click "Funds" => "Deposit Withdrawals"

Step #5 - Select the Cryptocurrency you want to transfer - In my case I am transferring Litecoin. I find LTC in the list and click "deposit". My LTC wallet address appears. In my case I copy my wallet address: LXri7dYWe69ZHeSQdgc83uGaBU79h9mjab

Get your desired wallet address

Step #6 - Enter LTC wallet address on Coinbase - go back to Coinbase and fill out the withdraw information screen. Enter your wallet address in the "Destination" box  and the amount of LTC you want to transfer. Start small with your first transaction just to make sure you have a handle on the process. In my case I am doing .25 LTC but you could do .000025 LTC. Click "Withdraw Funds"

Enter your wallet address from Binance

Step #7 - Wait until the network processes your transaction - it will take some time for this to occur. Part of the reason I chose LTC for this example is the speed of the network as opposed to say BTC getting bogged down. It took about 10 minutes for this to occur. It could be less or more. Here is the final verification on Binance:

Verified receipt of LTC from GDAX / Coinbase Account

Step #8 - Buy the ALT coin on Binance. From the trading view, I clicked on the "BNB" button in step 1, selected "LTC / BNB" (step 2) and then converted to BNB (step 3). From BNB you can convert to other ALTS. If you send over ETH or BTC you can skip this step as you convert directly to many other ALTs without first buying Binance's "house-brand" BNB Crypto.

Step #9 - Share this on Facebook or other news outlets to help people free themselves of investing in only a few select coins. Half the battle with Cryptocurrencies adoption is that people just don't know. Coinbase added some sort of crazy number of account per day in November and December of 2017 but all those people are concentrated in only a few options. Help them buy ALT coins by sharing this.

Step #10 - Leave a comment in the comments section with what ALT(S) you bought. If this tutorial was helpful and you made money in ALTs or will, then please consider sending me a small token of gratitude. With it you will get **positive crypto karma***.

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