Segwit2x Bitcoin Fork: Fake Fork Hoax Allowed To Propagate?

How is it possible that a small team of three people, with no prior crypto experience, were able to resurrect the failed Segwit2x fork to the level that once seemingly legitimate crypo news outlet would disseminate the information???

This is the question I am asking myself. As someone who exited the Crypto market completely on December 19th, 2017, this is giving another huge black eye to the legitimacy of Crypto. The greed of some is going to cause a meltdown for all those left to play. It is one thing for a group of shady actors to swoop in, but it is a whole other level when journalists either fail to do their job, or even worse, may have been provided incentives to purposely mislead others. I won't name names for a reason.

For those that don't know, Segwit2x fork was a fork of the Bitcoin network that was originally scheduled for November 2017. It was a long time in the planning and ultimately failed. However, some fly-by-night operators somehow created the illusion that the Segwit2x fork was back on the table for Dec 28th, 2017. This illusion was created by the help of what I would consider once reputable news outlet who propagated this news without regard for the fact that some basic details would have raised many red flags to the legitimacy of this fork.

I won't go into specifics beyond that, but as someone who still follows Crypto from a high-level, I am baffled that I saw these headlines. It further creates a deep sense of worry that we have a lot of maturing to do and maybe some further regulation is needed. If Crypto wants to gain value it needs to gain legitimacy, and it won't gain legitimacy if people keep hearing about shady actors. Can you imagine if CNBC or CNN report on Crypto News sites disseminated fake and material Bitcoin news?

Needless to say that I remain bearish for the time being on the crypto space. If you are really interested in investing and making money, I highly suggested reading the original investing bible, The Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham in 1949 and updated for the modern age. The fundamental taught in the book is the difference between investing and speculating.