Janet Yellen Bitcoin - What Will She Say Ahead of Fed Meeting???

Bitcoin - What will Janet Yellen Say
The big 3 Cryptos all seem to be trending downward heading into today's FED FOMC annoucment at 2:30 FED EST. This seems to be a risk-off trade as the FOMC has the ability to greatly affect markets in general and with a large rise in Cryptos no doubt people want to reduce exposure.

Wednesday's meeting is especially important given this is the first FOMC since we have seen a large rise in the number of retail investors trading cryptos, but also for the markets as we continue to see inflation indicators tick upwards putting tremendous pressure on the Fed to raise rates. This prevents a tremendous opportunity to swing markets with headline risk and panic. We may see a large swing in prices and lots of volatility leading up to the announcement and after.

Do you think Janet Yellen will say anything about Bitcoin in her words today? I think she might. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I think we may see a continuation of price expansion after volatility settles back down with Bitcoin, Ether, and LiteCoin all approaching milestones of $20K, $1K, and $500 respectively. This is not an recommendation to buy or sell - you do so at your own risk. Nobody has a crystal ball and this is just all speculation. The FOMC has tremendous power to affect markets and Crypto has had a mind of its own in the last 8 weeks.

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