Bitcoin Commercial Sketch - Are you a Bull, Bear, or Somewhere in the Middle?

I wanted to share a great little sketch from the Seth Myers show on Bitcoin. I think the producers did a fantastic job of showing the bull (convinced) / bear (skeptic) mentality that is this craze. Regardless of your position, hopefully you can appreciate the juxtaposition of these two characters learning about bitcoin. Hopefully people can take a good honest look inside themselves and understand where they fall on the bitcoin spectrum.

Where do you fall on this spectrum? While there is plenty of money to be made off of other people you have to realize that professionals traders are entering this arena. Professionals are professionals for a reason. They will play it long, short, sideways, they can win in any direction. The problem with Bitcoin from my perspective is it is bringing in people who would otherwise not be "investing" or "trading". The problem is they are NOT professionals and they won't be nimble enough, nor will the have the willpower to know when to take losses, when to ring the register, reduce risk etc. I expect turbulence to be high for a while.

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