2019-10-02 - Trading Plan

The goal of this trading plan is to have a more formal plan going into trading on 10/2/2019:

Market Summary: Market got hammered due to ISM Manufacturing Index coming in well below the expected print and well in to contraction territory leaving the US services sector to be the only thing preventing a world-wide global recession

Main Trading Strategy: trade around positions with a core position long in small cap oil&gas names and shorting either ETFs, bonds, and selective shorting of individual equities. Ideally equal weight short and long with the idea of profiting on oil&gas eventually significantly outperforming the market.

Daily Trades
- CVIA (scalped)
- SCHW (sold puts)
- FTSI (scalpers from day prior)
- Closed a pair trade from SLCA. Originally rolled 2.41 FTSI into 9.60 and 9.47 SLCA => SLCA sell 9.37 => FTSI 2.24-2.28 with sells at 2.26-2.29 => could roll back into SLCA now at 8.73 / FTSI 2.16 but move to SLV swing instead
- SLV (scalp)
- SLV (swing) open

Daily Plan

- SLV - Long over 16.15 (10/1 close) - Stop loss 15.92 (10/1 low) below two consecutive days - 3:1 risk reward - SLV is long term bull trend in intermediate pull back. Take partial at 50 DMA retest 16.30 (16.32). Take second partial at gap fill at 16.61 (16.64)

- HYG - Look to initiate short post ex-divy above 87 at gap fill. Long-term short. In super long term

- SPNV - More insider buying could be fuel for this stock plus decent pair trade for $FTSI

- AAPL - Not a great close candle and this might be viewed as a safe-haven play. Exit this


  1. SLCA - sitting at recent double bottom. Look for some shares at 8.01 for a bounce to 8.25 or so
  2. CVIA - bounce of treadline at 1.62 to 1.69

- FTSI - Lighten up on strength

- F - No target, below 50, 200, oversold but not oversold enough. Just picked this because of possible bond news. Looking to take full partial at double bottom at 8.71